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Timpcreek At Sundance

Descriptions, Base Rates, and Policies

Timpcreek Suite South (AKA RR17B)

South Suite
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Two Levels with 2nd Floor Queen Master Suite
Kitchenette With Microwave, Cooktop, Roaster Oven
Two Person Jetted Spa Tub In Master Suite
Deck And Balcony Overlooking Creek
Spectacular Mountain Views 
Laundry Facilities
Air Conditioning
Extra Sleeping - One Twin Bed With Half Bath
Two TVs - 24 Premium Channels; 
Wide Screen High Definition
High Speed Wireless Internet
Base Rate: Two Persons (most times of the year) $149/night plus $25/night for each extra person - two night minimum

Timpcreek Suite North (AKA RR17A)

North Suite
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Two levels with 2nd Floor Queen Master Suite
Full Kitchen with Separate Dining Room 
Two Baths
Tree House Deck and Bedroom Balcony Overlooking Stream
Two Person Jetted Spa Tub in Master Bath
Ground Level Deck off Kitchen with BBQ at Creeks Edge
Additional Sleeping - Two Long Twins, Separate Bath 
Laundry Facilities
Antique Player Piano  
Air Conditioning
Two TVs - 24 Premium Channels;
Wide Screen High Definition
High Speed Wireless Internet
Base Rate: Two persons (most times of the year) $165/night plus $25/night for each extra person - two night  minimum

3 Bedroom Cabin
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Cassidy Creek Cabin
Two Levels with Three Bedrooms on Second Floor
(One Bedroom with Queen, Two Bedrooms with Twins)
Wood Burning Fireplace
Outdoor 5 Person Jetted Tub Spa (seasonal only and by confirmed email arrangement prior to arrival)
Full Kitchen with Woodburning and Classic Electric Stove
Deck at Creeks Edge
Large Loft with two beds plus Space for extra Futons
Private Laundry Facilities
Two TVs - 150 Standard Channels, 24 Premium Channels,Wide Screen High Definition
Gaming Area with BumperPool, Slot Machine, Player Piano
Wireless Internet
Base Rate: Two persons (most times of the year) $300/night plus $25/night for each extra guest - four night minimum.  Christmas/New Year Holiday period (Dec 18 - Jan 1) rate is $500/night with a 5 night minimum stay.  ____________________________________________________
Combining Units
Timpcreek South and North
Both halves, entire building, $300 plus $25 per night for each guest in excess of 4 

Common Entrance
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Cancellation Policies, Check-in/out, Surcharges, Damage Deposits, Special Requests, Needs or Disabilities, Recurrent Discounts, Late Arrivals, Additional Overnight Guests, Additional Daytime Guests. 

Check-in  3 PM, Check-out 11 AM.  These targets are slightly flexible except where other bookings limit the amount of time available for cleaning and preparation of rooms.  Prior to arrival, guest should contact Timpcreek's onsite manager to decide upon when and where to meet.  If needed, help with luggage and parking is available, as well as assistance for guests unfamiliar with features unique to their cottage or cabin.   Timpcreek's informed staff is also available to schedule and book activities sponsored by the Sundance Resort.   Care to plan a horseback adventure,  set up a time for family ski lessons, take part in a fly fishing expedition, join a craft class, make a spa appointment, arrange a lazy float trip down the Provo river, rent a mountain bike, reserve a dining table at the Foundry Grill or Treeroom....we are there to make it happen  

Cancellation Policy - Except for certain seasonal bookings, most reservations require a minimum deposit of 50% (but not less than $200) made through PayPal using a credit card or bank as funding source.  Balance is due at the time of check-in and is subject to Utah State and Room tax (approximately 10.5% total). Personal checks, cash and credit cards are accepted through PayPal.     

In the event of cancellation, 20% (or $200 whichever is greater) of the deposit is not refundable.  However, 90% of the money received may be applied to another booking period provided the cancellation occurs more than 60 days prior to the reservation start date.  For cancellation within 60 days of the start date, the amount applied to another reservation will depend upon whether the cancelled unit can be re-booked within the time frame following cancellation.  There is no penalty for rearranging start and end dates, length of stay or shifting the time frame a few days one way or the other.

Where the cancelling party elects not to apply the deposit to an alternative reservation, the amount to be returned will be 50% of all amounts in excess of 20% (or $200 whichever is greater) of the deposited amount for cancellations between 60 and 90 days of the start date, and 75% of all amounts in excess of 20% (or $200 whichever is greater) of the deposited amount if cancelled more than 90 days prior to the scheduled start date.   Timpcreek reserves the right to impose special conditions for reservations that involve holiday time frames or long term occupancy* or to apply a free upgrade if a unit is not available or becomes unavailabe due to a booking error or management  implimented change.

Extra Persons - Rates are based upon length of stay and number of occupants.  To avoid surcharges or other penalties, it is imparative that management be advised prior to arrival if you plan to have others join you at anytime during your stay.  Unless waived in advance, Guests are required to post a refundable security deposit to be applied for extraordinary cleaning, breakage, stained carpets, smoking prohibitions, additional person charges or pet violations.  Extensive day visitation is considered equivalent to an extra occupant.  Guests may not use units for family reunions, parties or social gatherings unless the building has been rented in its entirity and the number of guests approved in advance.   Toddlers are not permitted by guests or visitors because of the proximity of the creek.   Guests who plan to have visitors with children must get management approval in advance.  Unless waived, the minimum deposit is $500 for the Cassidy Creek Cabin and $200 for each Timpcreek Suite.  The deposit is payable by cash, certified check, credit card or PayPal at the descretion of Timpcreek's management at the time of check-in.   A greater amount may be required in some circumstances.  Said deposit will be returned at the time of check-out, or credited to guest's PayPal or credit card account within 7 days if checkout occurs at a time which is inconvenient for management to be present.   In case of  violations, Timpcreek will provide an accounting together with the return of any amounts in excess of the cost to repair or correct the damages except where the violation is of a nature that involves prohibited conduct (pets or smoking in rooms, intentional destruction of property, breach of the rules regarding day and night guests, or illegal activities) in which case the entire damage deposit shall be retained in addition to any other remedies available to compensate Timpcreek or its owners for the consequences of such activity. 

Rates during holidays and special events will normally be higher by 10 to 50 percent. Rates for extended stays (5 days or more) will normally be lower by 5 to 20 percent.

 A $25 charge will be assessed  if the check-in appointment is not kept (arrival tardy by more than one hour).   We know that some delays are unavoidable; we suggest calling at least one hour before the scheduled time of arrival if delay is likely.  Guests with special needs such as non allergen pillows, or having medical disabilities, mobility problems or otherwise likely to require items not usually stocked, should inform Timpcreek's manager prior to check-in.   Requests to procure special items or to correct problems created by improper use of facilites that were fully explained at the time of check-in (including, but not limited to the operation of TVs, BBQ, DVD, and HiFI) are subject to a travel-time charge of $50/hour.

Recurrent guests booking a new reservation for 4 or more nights within one year of a previous stay of 7 or more nights are eligible for a 10% discount. 

*The reservation deposit for holidays (or time frames that are considered part of, or extensions of a holiday period, president week(s) or film festival week is 50%.  These deposits are  non refundable, but 1/2 of the amount on deposit may be applied to another time frame if the cancellation is received more than 60 days prior to the scheduled start date and the unit can be rented to another party for an equal or greater rate and duration.  For reservations that fall within the Christmas, New Year and President's week time frames, the booking is required to be paid in full at least 60 days prior to the scheduled arrival. For holiday reservations made within 60 days of the start date, the deposit is 100%.  The applicable damage deposit, however, is not due until check-in. 

Unless otherwise specified, rates are quoted for one or two person.  The charge for each additional guest is normally $25/night Cassidy Creek Cabin hot tub is only available by special arrangement ( it is seasonal and requires special preparations).

Management reserves the right to upgrade, without charge to the guest,  any reservation to a more expensive unit where conflicts have arisen or where for one reason or another a unit cannot be made rentable for the time period for which it has been booked..  Management will not be liable where best efforts are made to accommodate and fulfill the terms of the listing if the full amount of the deposit plus 10%  thereof is timely returned to the guest after managements becomes aware of the crises.  Examples would be unusual winter conditions which freeze pipes and make the dwelling unusable; inadvertent double booking of a unit; Inability of management to prep and clean the unit because of labor problems etc,  These are exemplary only, and are not inclusive. 

Management shall not be liable where conditions beyond their control have prevented the guest from arriving such as excessive snow, blocked highways, airline strikes, war, riots, illness and the like, in which case the full amount of the deposit will be applied to a future booking by the guest. 

All reservatins are subject to the Utah Sales and Transit Room Tax.  The tax total is 10.5% as of July 2009, whether or not this amount is quoted in the booking offer.  This will be collected by Timpcreek management at the time of check-in

Sorry, No Smoking and No Pets